The Radio Fair: SDGs on the Air 2022


The 5th Edition of The Radio Festival (TRF), a first-of-its-kind platform to celebrate sound, bringing together all three tiers of radio in India – public, private, and community radio – along with podcasters and others invested in the audio space on July 25th , 2022, at the India International Centre. Titled ‘The Radio Fair: SDGs on the Air’, the 5th edition organized by SMART in partnership with UNESCO and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GoI, Prasar Bharti, was supported by UNICEF, UNHCR, ONGC, and FNF. This edition also saw the launch of ‘The Active Citizenship Festival’ - a unique experiential event for the youth.
Along with opportunities for invigorating conversations with multi-stakeholders, the 5th edition also offered a range of games and simulations that aimed to increase civic participation, strengthen ownership of SDGs and build sustainable partnerships. The highlights of this edition were not only the very interesting panels that were centered around the SDGs, but also the series of workshops that were organised before and after the day of the main event.

The festival kicked off with a fascinating performance by Kashmir’s first beatboxer, Sufiyan Rouf. Setting the tone of the festival, which celebrates sound in all its forms, Rouf shared that in beatboxing you don’t really need an instrument, all you need is your mouth and you can beatbox almost anywhere. The performance was a big hit!

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Pictures from the event