The Radio Festival, in partnership with UNESCO, organizes a unique fellowship for community reporters and community broadcasters. The Fellowship provides an opportunity for them to cover important, under-reported stories through the audio medium. Aligned to the SDG Toolkit developed by SMART in partnership with UNESCO and UNICEF, New Delhi, the purpose of the Fellowship is to build the capacities of community radio practitioners for innovative programming on Sustainable Development Goals.

To know more about the SDGs and how to use community radio for effectively communicating these Goals, refer to The SDG Toolkit for Community Radios.

  • The duration of the fellowship is 120 days and will be given to individuals based on their proposal in a due format 
  • A total of five fellows are selected each year
  • The selection would be on a competitive basis and each fellow will receive a consolidated amount of INR 40,000, which will be transferred to the Fellow’s personal bank account 
  • No additional support for travel, equipment, or incidental expenses is available under the fellowship. The stipend is paid in three equal installments and the final payment is made after the submission of the last deliverable
  • The deliverables include producing eight-part audio stories/episodes and a robust documentation of the process, to be submitted in the form of a written report including photos
  • Each audio episode is of at least 15 minutes long- hence totaling two hours of audio content. The stories are told in an interesting and compelling format, and are linked to the target(s) of the chosen SDG.
  • The fellows use their mobile phones or any other recording device to record audio. This allows their mentoring during the duration of the fellowship.
  • The training and mentorship takes place virtually and the programs are made from the location of the community radio station
  • If any selected Fellow drops out without completing the full duration of the fellowship or violates its conditions than any amount transferred to the Fellow is recovered and an additional penalty is also levied.

The selected fellows do the research work, followed by producing and filing on-air and online stories as part of the fellowship, with support from their parent radio station.

Frequently Asked Questions