Is New Story the Same Story?

By mathew on July 12, 2021

Is New Story the Same Story?

Stories play an important role in our culture. How has sound become the conduit of storytelling? Do Podcasts serve as the testing ground for scripts that will be adapted to movies and TV shows? There is a resurgence of the audio story, the audio book, the audio play. There are podcasts which have enhanced the craft of storytelling, and then there are those which try to reprogram tried and tested formulas for success. But more importantly, can audio upend the control cinema has exerted over storytelling?

Moderator: Prabhjit Bains, BBC

Nikesh Murali, The Indian Noir

Sidharth Jain, The Story Ink

Surbhi Bagga, The Overthink Tank Podcast

Vineet Kanawar, Storytellers and Storysellers